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Now that Black History Month is over, is it business as usual?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

This Black History Month, I chose to do a couple things differently.

Growing up, there was very little I learnt about Black History in the Caribbean and it was not until I was in my 20's that I decided to take matters into my own hands and started my journey to explore Black History in The Caribbean, and North America.

Every year, Black History seemed to be there same... Corporate companies would post the same old quotes or "fun fact" about famous Black activists or leaders, the one or 2 black employees would be highlighted and performative activism or solidarity would be at it's peak. It was also the only month it seemed that Black folks were given room to just BE.

As soon as March 1st creeped in, it was business as usual. For the rest of the year, companies and individual's would go on for the rest of the year to repeat the same "mistakes" and the cries of the black community would fall on deaf ears until February rolled around again.

The truth is that our history did not start with slavery, but it is an important piece for everyone to be aware of as it gives context to the series of events that followed to push a specific narrative regarding poverty in The Caribbean, Africa and the Black community in North America...

There is so much for us to learn about our history and we shouldn't cram all that learning in just one month. It should be an everyday thing.

I am still on a journey to discover and learn about the stories of my ancestors before slavery...

As a content creator on Youtuber, this year, I decided to do a 3-week series to focus on highlighting the contributions of overlooked Black folks, the history of music inspired by black folks and the history of our food.

If you're interested in watching these videos, click the videos below to watch

Maggie is Youtuber who uses her Youtube channel, CharisMaggie Tv to create content to showcase countries and cultures through lived experiences.

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