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About Me

Hi, I'm CharisMaggie

I am a Youtuber and content creator who has a passion showcasing countries and cultures through lived experiences.


My cultural background of Guyanese, Haitian and Jamaican.

 I am on a journey to learning about my roots while unlearning biases and stereotypes that society has portrayed to me about different countries and cultural groups and you can do the same.

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To create a safe and informative space for learning and appreciating different cultures.


To encourage viewers to:

1. submerge themselves in culture- 

to submerge yourself means to be completely involved in something; in this case: culture. This is done by learning and unlearning false information and appreciating culture through food, language, music, history and more.

2. live meaningful lives

We are living in a very difficult time where culture awareness is needed now more than ever. When we truly understand each other, we learn to be more aware of our words and actions thus leading to better and meaningful lives.

Join me on this journey of learning and discovery by subscribing to my Youtube channel.

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