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Fi Di Kulcha

This is a web series created to explore the cultures of individuals through fun interviews. Topics covered includes food, music, language and so much more.

Over 20 countries featured including: Roatan, Belize, Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago and so much more.

Kitchens Of Toronto

In this series, I supported 6 restaurants and caterers that bring a unique cuisine to the city of Toronto. Countries represented in this series are: Nigeria, Haiti, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, The Netherlands

Comparing Countries I've Lived

In this series, I compare the pros, cons, similarities and differences between countries I've lived or experienced. Countries include: Jamaica, Belize, Canada, (specifically Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Kreyol/Creole Series

This playlist features all the languages of the Creole family. Learn creole languages from Mauritius, Haiti, Seychelles and more

Learn Languages With Me

In this series, I explore countries and cultures through languages. Languages explored includes: Newfoundland dialect, Mauritian Creole, Portuguese, Bengali, Dutch, Trinidad and Tobago Slang.