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Your support is appreciated

2 ways you can support:
1. One-time donation


2. Become a frequent supporter by becoming a  Patreon




Monetary support helps to keep us going

What are funds used for?
1. Video projects
Donations will be used towards the continuation of our current series and to
allow us to create new ones.
We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our content expanding our team and upgrading our work space and  and so donations are helpful in this aspect.
2. Compensation for guests 
Some of our web series are made possible through the participation of everyday people who volunteer their time to feature on our channel. We do our best to give our guests a token of appreciation for their time and effort
3. Monthly Live Trivia and Virtual events
During the lockdown, we started to host live monthly trivia as a way to entertain and give back to my audience. $100 in gift card prizes are awarded to 4 lucky winners.
We also want to host bi-annual virtual events to bring our cultural family together for a time of fun and entertainment


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